Zapya – The cross-platform File Sharing App 2019

Zapya is one of the fastest file transferring tools to transfer data from one device to another quickly and easily. The Zapya app allows its user to transfer photo, music, video, and other files types from one device to another. This application allows you to transfer files without a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection. The transfer speed of this application is 100 times faster than Bluetooth. Zapya is a cross-platform application, so it can be used on all devices like PC, Mac, Android and much more. This application is developed with a simple and intuitive interface so that you can use all the features without any issues.

Zapya – The cross-platform File Sharing App
Zapya – The cross-platform File Sharing App

Zapya uses peer-to-peer file-sharing technology to share files. By using this technology you can share files securely. The group sharing feature of this application allows you to transfer files to more than one person simultaneously. You can also create a group and share files between them.

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Zapya Specifications

  • App Name: Zapya
  • Current Version: 5.7.6
  • File Size: 9.96 MB
  • OS Support: Cross-Platform
  • License: Free
  • Category: File Management

Features of Zapya Application

We described some amazing features of Zapya file sharing application.

No External Support

Zapya can transfer files from one device to another without using the internet or external cables.


The interface of this application is user friendly and by using this medium you can easily get connected with other devices to send and receive files.

Unlimited Sharing

Here you can share unlimited and enormous files without any issues.


Zapya is a compatible application for all platforms and can transfer files between various devices.

Phone Replication

The Phone Replication feature is used to back up your entire phone’s data and transfer it to your new devices.

Group Sharing

By using this feature, you can create a group and share files between the group to multiple users simultaneously as well as you can chat with the person whom you transferring the files.

Sharing QR Code

By scanning the QR code, you can transfer files and also you can allow other Zapya users to scan your QR code to join group sharing.

Offline Chatting

Apart from sharing files, you can also chat with people and send audio, video files like normal messenger app.

Compatible Devices

As it is a cross-platform application it can be used on all sort devices like

How to Download and Install Zapya App

Here you can download and install Zapya on all the above platforms. Tap the links below to download Zapya on supported devices.

Zapya for Android

Zapya is a free file sharing tool used to transfer files from your Android devices. Zapya Apk for Android allows you to transfer the files like audio, images, video and documents faster than before. Click here to learn How to download Zapya on Android

Zapya for Android
Zapya for Android

Zapya for iOS

Zapya is an iOS compatible file sharing application. By using this application, you can share files to other devices like Android, Mac, Linux and much more. Zapya App for iOS is the best alternative for AirDrop. To learn How to download Zapya on iOS click here.

Zapya for iOS
Zapya For iOS

Zapya for Mac

Zapya makes file sharing very simple by creating a network to share everything from your MAC PC. Here you can share files without using cables. From your MAC PC, you can simultaneously share files with other devices. To share the file via Mac PC click the link to learn How to download Zapya on Mac.

Zapya for Mac
Zapya For MAC

Zapya for Windows PC

Zapya is the best file transferring application for your Windows PC. The application is developed in such a way it makes your file sharing tasks much simpler. Here you can transfer files much faster than before with any cables or interne. Click here to learn How to download Zapya on Windows.

Zapya for PC
Zapya for PC Windows

Zapya for Blackberry

The main intention of developing this application is to exchange contents between various devices securely. Transferring files from a Blackberry device is quite complicated. As a user of Zapya, you know very well that it is the best application for transferring files between Blackberry devices. To download Zapya app on your Blackberry. Click here to learn How to download Zapya on Blackberry.

Zapya for Blackberry
Zapya for Blackberry

Zapya for Linux

Zapya is a cross-platform file sharing application used by millions of people all around the world. Zapya App for Linux is one of the most compatible applications for Linux/Ubuntu platform. Zapya can also store the history of the transferred file. Click the link to learnHow to download Zapya on Linux.

Zapya for Linux
Zapya For Linux

Zapya for Java

Zapya is one of the fastest file sharing application. You can also share files from your Java phones easily. All the features of this application are also available on the Java devices. Learn How to download Zapya for Java.

Zapya Java
Zapya on Java

Latest and Old Versions

Zapya app is updated regularly. We recommend you to update your app to get all the latest features. Some users prefer the old versions, you also download and install the old version. Click the link below to get both the latest and old versions of Zapya.

Zapya VS Xender

Both Zapya and Xender are file sharing tools used to share files from various devices wirelessly. Zapya is a cross-platform application used to transfer files one platform to another. But Xender can be used only on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. Comparing Xender, Zapya transfers files faster. With Zapya, you can also talk to each other like in a messenger. Both the application where designed to share all types of documents, pictures, music and videos.

What Technology Zapya Uses?

Zapya app is developed with peer-to-peer technology, which is used to transfer files securely. The P2P technology is a decentralized communications model, in which each party has the same capabilities to initiate a communication session. It is not like a client/server model in which the client can also send the request to the server, The Peer-to-Peer technology is also called as two-way communication method.



  • Simple user interface
  • It uses a wireless network to connect two different devices
  • You can transfer files free and fast
  • You can transfer unlimited files
  • Zapya also provides group connectivity
  • Zapya has a built-in media player and gallery viewer


  • The media player of this app cannot support HD videos


#1. What is Zapya ?

Zapya is a free tool for sharing files between various devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Window’s Phone, PC, and Mac. This application is very simple to use and it has the ability to support for various languages.

#2. How does Zapya work?

This application uses Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot to connect your device with other devices but it doesn’t use your data for transferring any size files from your device.

#3. How to share files with friends?

To share files with your friends, you have to create a hotspot and ask your friend to join them. Once your friend joins your hotspot, you can transfer all sort of files.

#4. Why the transmission is slow?

The transmission speed of Zapya may get slow because the WiFi device is not compatible with the app. Otherwise, there may be many Wi-Fi access points which may be slowing the transfer speed of this application.

#5. How to invite friends via Zapya?

To invite friends on Zapya tap the button in the top right corner of the screen. Now you will find multiple ways to invite friends.

#6. How fast the transfer speed?

The transfer speed of this app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth! Bluetooth/ NFC/ Airdrop.

#7. How to play music or video after transmission?

Zapya allows you to play music/ video directly or you can use the default media player on your phone.

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