Zapya for Linux: Zapya is a cross-platform file sharing application which is used by more than 3 million users all around the world. Zapya is the fastest file sharing application and it is compatible with the Linux operating system. From your Linux PC, you can share files to other platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Zapya for Blackberry and much more. In this application, there is no size limit for transferring files and it can share all sort of contents like documents, media files, PDF and much more rapidly than other apps. The app will also store the history of transferred files in your Zapya for Linux PC. You can create groups and share files to multiple devices simultaneously using multiple connection options.

Zapya for Linux
Zapya for Linux

How to Download and Install Zapya for Linux

The installation procedure of Zapya for Linux is very simple. Follow the instructions given below to get this fastest file sharing app on your Linux PC.

Before installing Zapya on Linux make sure that you have chrome browser on your device. If not first download and install Chrome Browser.

Step 1: To install Zapya on Linux first you need to install 32 or 62 bit ARChon from GitHub.

By using this application you can easily run all sort of Android Apk files on your Linux PC. Learn how to install Zapya Apk for Android.

Step 2: If you want to run Zapya on Linux, now extract the downloaded file and rename the file as ARChon.

Step 3: Now take the file to home directory and add the downloaded file to Chrome.

Step 4: Tap Select more tools > click extensions and enable developer mode in the Chrome menu.

Step 5: Click load unpacked extension and select the installing ARChon file and open the file.

Step 6: ARChon file will appear in the list of chrome Extension.

Step 7: With these steps completed, you can run any android apps on your Linux.

Step 8: Visit Google Play Store and install the Zapya app.

Step 9: After downloading and installing Zapya, start sharing.

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Final Thoughts

Once you installed the Zapya app on your Linux PC you can share files easily without any hassle. We hope that this app will be very useful for all sort of users. This application saves your time by sharing at a high speed and also shares files more securely between two or more connected devices.

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