Zapya for Mac: Zapya is the best tool to share files between various devices and it uses local WiFi networks as a medium to transfer files. From this application, you can share various contents like video clips, audio tracks, archives, application codes and much more easily. The application has a built-in browser for searching files. Particularly, in this guide, we deal all about Zapya file sharing app for Mac. Initially, Zapya was not available for Mac, but now the Mac users can thoroughly enjoy this awesome apps file sharing experience. As a Mac user, now you can share files with other platforms like Android, Windows and much more. Then the application allows you to take backup of files and even apps. Without this application, file sharing has never been so simpler and faster in Mac.

Zapya for Mac
Zapya for Mac

Zapya has overcome all the limitations in the traditional file sharing methods that used in Mac. Basically, files size on MAC PC is quite bigger while comparing with other devices, but now Zapya for MAC can transfer gigabytes of files within seconds. By using this application, you can transfer files to more than one person your Mac PC with the help of Multi-port connection. Moreover, the application is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and it can transfer 20 MB per second.

If you are a Windows users, we recommend you to install Zapya for PC Windows/ Zapya for Windows Phone

Features of Zapya Mac

The special features of Zapya on Mac app are given below, these features are similar to Zapya Apk for Android.

Wireless File Transfer: You can share files between one device to another without using cable.

Any File Any Size: The app can share the files in large sizes.

Group Sharing: From Zapya you can share files in the group containing five members. Where you can create or join in the Zapya group to share files.

Supporting Languages: The application can support more than Twenty languages.

Transfer History: In the Zapya app, you can view the history of transferred files and folders.

QR Codes: The app allows its user to generate QR code for secured file sharing. To get the files stored in the QR code just scan the code to restore files.

Multi-Port Connection: The feature is used to share files with more than one device at the same time and it helps you to save your precious time.

How to Download and Install Zapya for Mac

The efficient steps for downloading and installing Zapya on Mac PC is given below. Here we follow three different methods to get the file sharing app on your Mac PC.

Method 1: Download Zapya for Mac from Official Site

Download Zapya on Mac from the official website is the easiest and best method to install this application, please follow the instruction given below.

Step 1: Open the browser in your Mac PC, Search and open the Zapya home page

Step 2: Tap the Mac OS download option, in the home page of the app

Zapya for Mac
Zapya for Mac

Step 3: Download the .dmg file to get the Zapya app

Step 3: Click the downloaded .dmg file to install the Zapya app on your Mac PC

Step 5: Wait until the file gets installed on your device

Step 6: Once the installation of the app completed successfully you can start file sharing

That’s it. You are done.

Method 2: Download Zapya for Mac from App Store

If you are a regular App store user, then this method is convenient way to install Zapya App on Mac OS.

Step 1: Launch Mac App store on your Mac PC

Step 2: Enter Zapya in the Search box to search the app

Step 3: Click the respective Zapya app from the search result

Zapya for Mac
Zapya for Mac

Step 4: Click the Get button to install the application

Step 5: To start the installation procedure click the Install button

Step 6: Enter the Apple ID and Password to download the Zapya app on your Mac PC

Step 7: After downloading the app on your Mac PC, open the app and share files between various devices

You can use the same procedure to install other apps on your Mac System.

Method 3: Download Zapya for Mac from Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator application used when the app is not available on Mac OS, but here Zapya Download for Mac is available yet if you are a regular bluestacks user then, you can install Zapya using Bluestacks. Please follow the instruction given below to download Zapya on Mac.

Step 1: To get the Zapya app, first download Bluestacks emulator on your Mac PC

Step 2: Once the app gets downloaded and install the Bluestacks application

Zapya for Mac
Installing Bluestacks

Step 3: In the search box of the Bluestacks, search for Zapya

Zapya for Mac
Zapya for Mac

Step 4: The search result of the application will appear on the screen, where you have to select the official Zapya app to download

Step 5: Tap the Install button to install the Zapya Mac app on your Mac PC. Now the app will get install directly from play store via Bluestacks

Step 6: Once the installation gets completed you can use the app on your Mac PC

That’s it. These are the methods to download and install Zapya on your Mac computer.

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Final Thoughts

We are sure Zapya Mac is an amazing file sharing application and the application is really helpful in many aspects. We mostly store all our files in our PC, by using this app you can share those files to your Mobile devices wirelessly. Now you can use this app, without any hesitation.

Thank you for reading this post. For further queries, comment below.

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