Zapya WebShare: Zapya is one of the fastest file sharing application and it is compatible with all sort of platforms since its launch. Now the Zapya team has launched a simple and powerful Android application Zapya WebShare. Zapya WebShare application allows its user to transfer contents on their phone from a web browser. Instead of downloading the app on your PC you can use this web app to transfer or share files to or from the computer. The speed of transferring files using WebShare is the best solution to send or receive files at high speed from your phone to laptop which connected in the same WiFi network. By using this app you can View Photos, Play Songs and Watch Videos on your PC from the phone. It allows you to access Android apps, Folders, Download and Upload files from the phone on PC web.

Zapya WebShare
Zapya WebShare

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How to Download and Install Zapya WebShare App

From this tutorial, you will know how to download and install Zapya WebShare App. To install Zapya WebShare App follow our simple guide given below.

#1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android device.

#2. In the search box, search for Zapya WebShare app.

#3. Select Zapya WebShare app from the search results.

#4. Tap the Install button to install the app on your device. Wait till the app gets downloaded.

Zapya WebShare
Tap Install

#5. Once the installation of the application has completed, Zapya WebShare icon will appear in the home screen.

#6. Tap the icon to open the app on Android device and simultaneously open the on your Chrome Browser.

Zapya WebShare
Open app

#7. Scan the QR code with your Android device.

Zapya WebShare
Scan QR Code

#8. After scanning gets completed a pop-up will appear in the screen tap Accept in the option. Now the app gets connected with your PC.

Zapya WebShare
Tap Accept Option

#9. Check weather the files are available on your PC.

Zapya WebShare
Check Files

#10. Select the files that you want to transfer and tap the Batch Download option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Zapya WebShare
Tap Batch Download

#11. Now the file in your Android device will get download on your PC in a .ZIP file.

Zapya WebShare
Open Zip File

#12. Here you can Extract the Zip file on your PC. File transfer has completed successfully.

If you still wanted a dedicated app for PC, we recommend you to try Zapya for Windows PC, Zapya for MAC, Zapya for Linux/ Ubuntu.

Final Thoughts

Zapya WebShare is the exceptional tool for transferring files from your Android device to your PC. Once you installed this app on your hand device you can access all your mobile files and other contents from your PC. Now file sharing has become more simple and easy.

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